Shooting a commercial or a movie, and doing a photo shoot in Italy allows you, in addition to the beauty of the country, to enjoy some unique benefits:

  • The choice of places, views and landscapes that are universally recognized as “Italian” and therefore offer the guarantee of conveying the correct message to a very wide target.
  • The possibility to change surroundings and landscapes with very reduced movements. The enormous variety of landscapes and architecture in Italy is often enclosed in a small patch of land: from snow-capped mountains to the crystal-clear sea in less than an hour’s drive.
  • A mild climate in most of its regions and for many months a year, as well as fantastic light even in winter.

From the monuments known in every corner of the world to the landscapes that have earned it the epithet “Bel Paese”, finding a location in Italy would seem like child’s play. But perhaps not for everyone: between bureaucratic permits and choices that must be impactful without being trivial, you often risk extending the required time in an exasperating way.

Rely on those who know the territory and its rules: Beatelocation can take care of everything from scouting to recce. You just have to tell us what you want, whether it’s a specific place or just an idea. Put us to the test, we are sure you will be satisfied!


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