BEaTELocation offers film and advertising services, created by a group of professionals with over thirty years of experience and multiple projects in spot production for both Italian and international clients.


Its familiarity with the production industry and the Italian context, as well as the entire troupe and logistics sector, means that BEaTELocation is able to offer a spot production service of the highest level to its international clients.
Both as a service as a production company, the BEaTELocation team has the necessary resourcefulness and flexibility to offer a personalized service based on the objective of the client.



Whatever you need (whether you may be aware or not) to create your product, we can organize it and find it for you.
We can find all kinds of technical equipment and cameras and at the same time we can think of everything you need to work in the best conditions: from transport to catering. For those who need it, we can also take care of casting: from actors to extras.

Italy has a rich and complex territory: knowing it in depth and knowing how to interact with its inhabitants and authorities is essential to ensure that the production is able to maintain preplanned schedules and commitments.


The most modern equipment with a highly professional crew that is able to perfectly communicate in English, in order to adapt to any request.

We have long known the best suppliers of equipment for shooting and movie sets: we are able to find the most modern, effective and special tools to satisfy every kind of request.
Our suppliers, as well as the crews, are trustworthy and experienced: they will help you solve problems and get the work done according to established plans.


As a production services outlet, we can provide all the help you need before and during the shoot. Relying on BEaTELocation you will not have to worry about anything.


A few steps from the hotel to the set, or many kilometers of travel: we are able to provide for all types of transfers of people and equipment.


Organization of travel and transfers for cast and crew, booking of rooms in trusted accommodations according to different budgets and any other type of logistical need that may come to mind.


Vegan dishes, raw food, simple mozzarella sandwiches, pasta with tomato sauce, salad without nuts, and all of it fresh and seasonal. To satisfy everyone on the set is a feat… that we manage very well. You can rely on us, and we will gladly take care of your meals.

Casting and extras

Are you looking for actors, actresses and extras for your commercial? No problem, we take care of everything: from selecting from a list of trusted actors to looking for extras based on your scenic needs.


Commercial & Advertising, DigitalAdvertising and Photo &Film are some of the sectors we work in.

In their almost thirty-year long experience, the team currently part of BEaTELocation has contributed to the production of international commercials, feature films and photo shoots, succeeding, where necessary, in highlighting the aspect of the most characteristic Italian flair in service to the final message.

Of particular relevance are the experience and contacts we have managed to build in the food sector, which are fundamental for offering our customers the best techniques and technologies currently available for the visual rendering of food products.

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