10 Dec 2018

Tuscany: a region of film locations

The Chiantishire, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Piazza del Campo, Puccini’s Lucca… Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in the world and not solely for film locations, of course.


But it is perhaps also thanks to the sets of important international movies that the fame of this region in the heart of Italy continues to grow. Often, among its locations are in fact the most famous places to stand out, but this is not always the case. Some landscapes and views are selected precisely because they are universally symbolic but not immediately recognizable.


The famous and historically important Tuscany is often present in foreign films. Florence stands out, unchanged and admired in the decades, perfect for costume movies as it is in modern days: A Room with a View, The Portrait Of A Lady, Tea with Mussolini and Inferno. But we cannot fail to mention the astonishing Sienese countryside of Stealing Beauty or the Garfagnana mountains and the tragic story of the massacre Miracle at St’Anna.
Not to mention the iconic and often more “humane” nature that Tuscan cities have when they are chosen as locations for Italian directors. Just think of the Florence of Mario Monicelli in My Friends, the Arezzo of Benigni and the true Livorno of Virzì.


And what about the hidden Tuscany? The one we often don’t recognise as being Tuscany? We have already talked about the locations of Lady Hawke and Much Ado About Nothing, the uncontaminated nature from the Chianti region to the Apuan Alps. But the examples we could give are many many more.

We would be amazed by the times when the oriental Castle of Sammezzano was used as a movie set, such as the more or less known settings of Arabian Nights or the more recent Tale of Tales. The same is true, even if perhaps they are less recognizable, for Volterra, San Gimignano and many other small villages: often locations for medieval or Renaissance reconstructions, homes for young vampires or fantasy stories.


A bit as it happens throughout Italy, even Tuscany offers to directors and photography directors a broad variety of locations, more or less famous, from the sea to the mountains, cities of art or vineyards, all very close to one another, easy to reach and always with the most pleasant hospitality.