01 Oct 2018

To find a location out of the ordinary: the secrets of a good production service company

For the De Longhi Postcard, two locations were needed: one beautiful modern family kitchen and a “typical Italian piazza“: not a difficult task for a specialized production service company in Italy.

Anders Hallberg, the director, did not have specific preferences and so he delegated to the service the first evaluation; the agency, on the other hand, was hoping for some “characteristic Tuscan square” or some particular glimpse of Sicily.

The choice was more complicated than it seems: one of the main tasks of a service is also to be able to contain the costs and to facilitate the logistics for the shooting. Milan was the city where we had best chance to find a wide choice of kitchens that could answer to the needs of the ad; ergo to move to Tuscany with actors, crew and workers to shoot the scenes of the square did not seem very practical. Nor did Sicily.


De Longhi Postcards' Set in Cremona

We, therefore, wondered if Lombardy couldn’t really offer us some equally enchanting beauty and Italianity in the squares of his cities. And with a first research we discovered that yes, there was so much beauty and a lot Italianness in the squares of  Lombardy, which had with them also another advantageous perk: their affordability.


To choose to shoot into less known places, especially in Italy, is a winning aspect from point of view of the budget. There are beautiful locations that are often at the out of the International tourism circuit: for these city to appear in an important ad on foreign TV’s networks can definitely be an investment; a kind of publicity that is instead hardly needed for square as famous as, for example, Piazza del Campo.


And this is how that the “typical Italian piazza”, where the protagonists of the ad are drinking the coffee,  is actually that of Cremona (favoured between those of Bresso and Vigevano). And as often it happens with Italian cities we also had the chance to connect the square and the city to an internationally known symbol: Antonio Stradivari.

Director, agency and client were very satisfied with the scenic result and we were extremely proud of our work as a production service company: an effective advertising with a good optimization of spaces and costs!

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