03 Dec 2018

The secret of a good film service: the location manager

There are directors who want to be able to decide which is the perfect location only there and then, those that only while shooting find the perfect glimpse, a good film service must know how to please them.


What happened to us during the commercial shot in Italy for Birra Moretti is a unique experience of its kind, but still a good example of how a service production, and the professionals who are part of it, must know how to move around.


The agency had warned us: the director, Vesa Manninen, had to have the opportunity to choose on the spot the perfect location in Mondaino, the village selected for shooting.


And so Michele and Federica, producer and location manager, moved to the small town of Romagna ten days before the start of shooting. It was February and the village of about a thousand inhabitants – not used to the presence of tourists – would shortly find itself invaded by 150 people, among crew members and other service workers.

In those ten days, Federica and Michele got to really know the village: visits to shopkeepers, introductions at home with the deputy mayor and aperitifs at the bar where there was always the opportunity to meet some caretaker or someone new.

Ten days in which they discovered a corner of Italy similar those that appear in the movies: welcoming and friendly inhabitants, genuine people who, once they’ve met you, literally open all doors to you.


And so it was. Thanks to this patient (and fun) preliminary work, Federica and her huge bunch of keys were able to fulfil all the director’s requests in 10 minutes.

The resulting commercial has the taste of Mondaino and the personality of its inhabitants and, for us of Beatelocation, it is one of the most vivid examples of what a production service company should be able to do for its customers.