24 Oct 2018
One of the Italian locations of Ladyhawke: Rocca Calascio

When movie locations are deceiving

When choosing a location for a movie or a commercial, there are many factors to be considered. Not always the place where the story is set is the best location. Costs, proximity to interior sets, ease of travel and other logistical issues are often crucial. Not to mention the audience perception and imaginary of the […]

01 Oct 2018
Italian Piazza: Cremona for DeLonghi Postcards commercial

To find a location out of the ordinary: the secrets of a good production service company

For the De Longhi Postcard, two locations were needed: one beautiful modern family kitchen and a “typical Italian piazza“: not a difficult task for a specialized production service company in Italy. Anders Hallberg, the director, did not have specific preferences and so he delegated to the service the first evaluation; the agency, on the other hand, was hoping for some “characteristic Tuscan square” or some particular glimpse of Sicily. The choice was more complicated than it seems: one of the main tasks of a service is also to be able to contain the costs and to facilitate the logistics for […]