10 Dec 2018
Castle of Sammezzano one of the many Tuscan film locations

Tuscany: a region of film locations

The Chiantishire, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Piazza del Campo, Puccini’s Lucca… Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in the world and not solely for film locations, of course.   But it is perhaps also thanks to the sets of important international movies that the fame of this region in the heart of […]

03 Dec 2018
The location manager and a good production service: the story of Moretti and Mondaino

The secret of a good film service: the location manager

There are directors who want to be able to decide which is the perfect location only there and then, those that only while shooting find the perfect glimpse, a good film service must know how to please them.   What happened to us during the commercial shot in Italy for Birra Moretti is a unique […]

26 Nov 2018
Food photography in '900 movies about food

The food photography in great cinema banquets

In the last twenty years, food photography has become very fashionable both at the cinema and on television. But the theme has always been fascinating on the big screen, as indeed, since ancient times, it’s important how food is presented. And so the presentation of dishes and food photography become a central binomial in many […]

19 Nov 2018
Stromboli when a location changes everything

Stromboli between nature and neorealism

In some movies, the location is as central as the plot: in Stromboli, Land of God, a movie by Roberto Rossellini in 1950, the burning heat, the volcano and the small town are key elements of the story. In this case, Rossellini’s neorealism has contributed, thanks to the choice of the location, to change the […]

05 Nov 2018
The Apartment spaghetti scene: food photography in movies

Spaghetti food photography: a story in the movies

Spaghetti is perhaps the most represented form of pasta in Italian and international cinema. From a movie photography point of view, it is also perhaps the most complicated type of pasta to reproduce as beautiful and appetizing on screen. For us, as Italian, even though we are working in Austria, it is impossible not to […]