About us

BEaTELocation was founded in Austria to offer specialized production services especially for the Italian territory for European and international production companies.

In 2019, thanks to the experience of the founder, BEaTELocation widened its horizons by proposing to the customers and advertising agencies the service of the spot production company.

In 2020, it acquired the Filmgood advertising production company which became a company brand, increasing the experience and professionalism that have characterized every BEaTELocation project since the very beginning.

The specific experience of each of the team members guarantees a great workflow during the project development phase as well as during the practical implementation of the various tasks.
Italy has a rich and complex territory: knowing it in depth and knowing how to interact with its inhabitants and authorities is essential to ensure that the production is able to maintain preplanned schedules and commitments.

Both as a service (from the choice of the most suitable location, through the bureaucratic requirements to the search  of the most suitable equipment and an English-speaking crew) as a production company, the Beatelocation team has the necessary resourcefulness and flexibility to offer a personalized service based on the objective of the client.

Our team is small and efficient, led by the founder, Pierangelo Spina, who has almost 30 years of experience as an organizer of advertising film productions all over the world.

Roberta and Renato are the producers. Roberta, who is determined and attentive even to the smallest details, started this line of work by chance on the threshold of the new millennium, and has never stopped since. Trained in London, she returned to Italy where she takes care of many projects including videos, commercials and feature films.
Renato, with his constant focus on the quality of the final product, has a lifelong experience in international advertising agencies. In his long career in advertising, he has developed great attention to the choice of directors and a special eye for post-production.

Claudia is the one coordinating the team and the company. She has great administrative experience and chose the communication sector in 2009, setting up a post-production agency and making it competitive in a short time. She is competent, precise, determined and scrupulous and therefore the perfect CEO for Beatelocation.


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